Massage & sign, from bump to baby & beyond

Frequently asked questions

Q: How old does my baby have to be to start Hushabye Hands classes?

A;  4 weeks old for baby massage classes & multisensory  sessions. 12 weeks old for baby sign

Q:  Can I just turn up and pay as I go or do I have to book a full term?

A:  You need to book a full term which is usually 6 weeks.  If there are places left in a class once the term starts then you are welcome to pay for one week to give it a try.  Multi sensory sessions are one sessions which you do just book one session at a time if you like.

Q:  How much are baby sign classes?

A:  £33 for a 6 week term (Siblings join us for free)

Q:  How much are baby massage classes?

A:   £36/£37 for a 6 week term

Q:  Where are your baby sign classes?

A:  At The Space Centre Preston, Leyland St Ambrose church Hall and The Hub Buckshaw Village

Q:  Where are your baby massage classes?

A:  At The Space Centre Preston and Tiny Rockers Buckshaw Village

Q:  How do I book?

A:  You can book using the Booking system on our website

Q:  How do I find out more information?

A:  Please drop us an email:

Q:  Can we bring siblings to classes?

A:  Siblings join us for FREE in our baby sign classes however, we can’t allow older siblings in our baby massage classes due to safety of our little babies

Q:  What signs do you use?

A:  We use British Sign Language (BSL) along with spoken word, so it is therefore Sign Supported English (SSE).  We can adapt our classes to deliver in full BSL if you let us know that’s what you need upon booking.

Q:  What age do babies start to sign?

A:  Research shows that they are able to sign from around 6 months if you are consistent signing with them at home.

Q:  Will signing prevent my baby from developing spoken language?

A:  No, research shows that signing with your baby can actually develop their speech.

Q:  Can Signing help little one who has speech delay?

A:  Yes, research shows that signing can help to develop speech and we have had many success stories from our classes.

Please drop us an email to if there is anything else you want to know.