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Emma reviewed us: 5 stars

October 23, 2018

It was our last ever massage class yesterday so wanted to say a big thank you to Suzanne. When F was born I had a difficult time and struggled to bond with her, so I initially joined baby massage to get out the house and learn some techniques that I could do at home. It was such a positive experience for us both we have been going ever since. F is now a happy smiley 5 month old and words cannot describe the bond I feel towards her. Sadly she will no longer lie still to be massaged(!) so have signed up for the baby sign class and can't wait to get started!

Kate Simmons reviewed us: 5 stars

August 24, 2018

We’ve been lucky to do the baby massage and baby sign class with Suzanne and Marianne at the space centre over the last few months. We have loved it, the baby massage was very relaxing and the summer sign parties were so much fun. I’d definitely recommend Hushabye hands

Helen Elizabeth reviewed us: 5 stars

July 1, 2018

Me and my daughter have been doing baby sign on a Wednesday for the last 3 terms. We both love it and she’s picked it up so well with Marianne’s great teaching! I’m gutted we can no longer come as I’m going back to work but if we could, we would definitely keep coming! Thanks so much xx

Liz Carter reviewed us: 5 stars

May 24, 2018

Enjoyed the baby massage course with my 1st baby 3 years ago and have just completed another 2 terms with my 2nd baby and loved the course again. Suzanne is just lovely, would recommend to everyone xx

Becci Blayney reviewed us: 5 stars

March 28, 2018

My daughter and I have just finished our last class with Hushabye Hands after over a year of loving the classes and having lots of fun. The team are caring, friendly people who make it a wonderful experience for you and your child. Thank you lovely people!

Kimberlie Worden reviewed us: 5 stars

March 10, 2018

I've been doing sign classes with hushabye hands since August when my baby was 3 months old. We both loved it from day one and it has been by far the best class we have done. I recommend it to all the mums I meet! It's such good value for money and both Jen and Suzanne are so friendly and knowledgeable. We will miss coming when I go back to work in May!

Victoria Melling reviewed us: 5 stars

December 11, 2017

Having just today finished our 3rd term of baby massage with Suzanne at the space centre it definitely is 5☆! My little boy has loved it from day 1.

Emily Alice Sharples reviewed us: 5 stars

November 26, 2017

We’ve just signed up for our 3rd term - best class we’ve done so far, Imogen is taking away so much from it and signing is really helping with her frustrations around communication. At 12 months, simply learning the signs for ‘milk’ and ‘again’ is helping her to have some control over her activity whilst she learns to speak! Can’t recommend enough and Suzanne is absolutely lovely with her

Laura Hazlehurst reviewed us: 5 stars

October 28, 2017

My little boy loved coming to the baby massage classes at tiny rockers. He loved all the lights and sensory things that were included in the class would definitely recommend

Charlotte Carr reviewed us: 5 stars

October 19, 2017

If there was more than 5 stars Suzanne and Cath would get them they are both fantastic and lovely ladies!! my little girl when we started had really bad milk issues and cried 24hrs a day on my first session she just wouldn't settle i was so worried about what the other ladies in our class would think and even walked out at one point but everyone was fantastic and Suzanne well what can I say she had the gift and managed to help settle my little girl since this day Norah is besotted by her she knows when we walk in tiny rockers where we are going and gets so excited and just spends the whole hour with her eyes on Suzanne the classes are he best things I've done on maternity and can't wait to spend the next term with Suzanne 2 times a week doing baby massage and baby sign! Don't hesitate if your unsure book on these classes they will be the best thing you do they are warming, calming, helpful and friendly the list is endless! I will be upset next year when I have to return to work and won't get to see Suzanne! I will just HAVE to make sure on my days off I see of there's a class we can attend! Keep it up ladies you both are a credit to your business xx

Anna Lazenbury reviewed us: 5 stars

July 13, 2017

We have just finished our Baby Massage course and would definitely recommend Hushabye Hands to anyone interested in baby massage. Suzanne who leads the class is warm, friendly and knowledgeable and clearly has a real passion for her job. It's great that the sessions also offer some sensory play time. Email queries are dealt with quickly by Cath and messages are always clearly communicated. Thank you, we've really enjoyed it! x

Tracy Austin reviewed us: 5 stars

June 1, 2017

Amazing baby massage classes. I love the addition of the sensory toys. Suzanne is wonderful and I highly recommend her classes!

Samantha Fox reviewed us: 5 stars

May 16, 2017

Just started my baby sign class with my 9 month old son Elliot and am loving it! A lovely little group at St Ambrose Leyland, and Suzanne is so friendly and loving to all the babies. I love that I'm learning something that will be useful for years to come in communicating with my baby, but I was also interested in BSL before joining the class so it is a great way to keep practising signs to re-familiarise myself with the signs I've learnt online! Am looking forward to growing with my son in this class. It has a lovely mix of music and other sensory play too.

Keta Edney reviewed us: 5 stars

March 20, 2017

Have loved coming to all our sign classes with Suzanne with my son William. We started with baby massage and then baby sign from 6 months until just over 2 years old. As my son had speech delay it really has helped us communicate and understand what he has needed and avoided some frustration he may have. As well as being useful it has been so much fun each week with all our little husabye babies. Our instructor Suzanne really made the class relaxing, even with a lively energetic toddler in a small space!

Rachel Anderton reviewed us: 5 stars

February 14, 2017

I can not recommend this enough, I miss it, however the bonus of doing these courses is that you meet some really good friends a long the way, so if you are thinking about don't, just do it, trust me you will love it

Kerry Sholicar reviewed us: 5 stars

December 14, 2016

Absolutely loved our sign classes with Hushabye Hands. Started with my son when he was 6 months old and he did his first sign at almost 11 months old. Just went to class as something to do but loved the fact that I get to learn too (keeps my brain working whilst on mat leave). Jen and Suzanne are brilliant at what they do, always encouraging, caring and show real interest for each child (and mum). I can't recommend their classes enough and I will deffo be returning whenever or wherever I can xxx

Lisa Stead reviewed us: 5 stars

February 16, 2016

Had a prenatal massage with Suzanne this morning and it was just what I needed. Never felt so much relaxed and the back aches have reduced. Highly recommended. Thanks again X

Kerry Ann Langrish reviewed us: 5 stars

March 27, 2015

I had the most amazing pregnancy massage with Suzanne yesterday. she is a lovely friendly lady and very professional doing a thorough consultation beforehand and asking for midwifes consent to ensure I was low risk. the massage was so relaxing, and baby kicked all the way through so think he/she enjoyed it too. real top to toe pampering. cant wait to start the baby massage course when baby arrives in a few weeks x

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