Massage & sign, from bump to baby & beyond

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Baby Massage

Our Beautiful Baby Massage Classes give you the tools to help with many common issues such as colic, sleep, constipation and postnatal depression. They are a place where you will likely make new life long friends and gain support just when you need it.

Hushabye Sign

Teach your baby to communicate through a beautiful, visual language, enabling them to communicate even before they can talk. Give them the tools to communicate their needs and develop their speech through song, sensory play and fun activities of engagement with Hushabye Hands.

Please note that for the winter term we have merged the Tuesday classes to a 1pm start, Wednesday Hub classes to a 10am start and the Thursday classes to a 10am start.

Hushabye Multi Sensory

Our enchanting Multi-Sensory Baby sessions are held in the magnificent multi-sensory rooms at the Space Centre, Preston. Each session includes some signed songs to many different, exciting themes, our Easter, Halloween and Christmas Sensory Parties are particularly popular and places go very fast.