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Hushabye Sign

Teach your baby to communicate through a beautiful, visual language, enabling them to communicate even before they can talk. Give them the tools to communicate their needs and develop their speech through song, sensory play and fun activities of engagement with Hushabye Hands.

Our fabulous baby sign classes are packed full of fun, there’s plenty to engage everyone throughout and you get to learn a new life long skill along the way.

We use BSL signs (British Sign Language), there’s a different action packed topic each week and you get handouts to help you at home.

A study of children aged 11 months to 3 years whose parents had taught them to use sign before they could talk, in comparison to a group of children who hadn’t been taught sign language found that ‘the verbal IQ of the signing children were 12 points higher on average than their non-signing peers’. (Acredolo,L. et al, 2000).

There is a lot of research available to evidence the benefits of both baby massage and baby sign and they have many overlapping benefits such as enhancing baby/parent bonding and attachment, communication, confidence, self-esteem, reduction or elimination of behaviour tantrums, ultimately resulting in happy parents and babies.

Parents report that their signing children have fewer tantrums and better social skills and that both the children and the parents are less frustrated’ (Acredolo, L. et al 2002).

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We have an 18 week baby sign curriculum, which you can start at any time.

We take payment for 6 weeks at a time. The cost is £36 for 6 weeks, some terms may be shorter and some a week longer and the price is altered accordingly. We require a non refundable £10 deposit to secure your place and the remaining balance will be due between 2-3 weeks before the start of the term.

There is no extra cost for siblings who wish to join us. Our classes are suitable from ages 12 weeks through to 4 years.


The SPACE Centre, Preston

Monday 10am

Wednesday 9.45am and 1.30pm

Friday 10am

Changes from September

There will be some changes from September 2020 to help us return safely to face to face classes. Briefly, they are as follows:

  • Location – all classes will be held at the Space Centre
  • Number of Classes and attendees have been reduced
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided for attendees entering and leaving the room
  • Temperature Checker – a non-contact temperature checker will be available
  • All toys and resources will be for individual use.

Want to book?

Bookings open on 6th May 2022 for the Spring 2 Term

If you are trying to book for a term that has already started, please email us on