Massage & sign, from bump to baby & beyond

Jen – Hushabye Sign Teacher

Hi! I am a qualified teacher with 15 years’ experience within special education, and I have three children.

I discovered Hushabye Hands when my 3rd daughter was born, attending baby massage classes with Suzanne, and our relationship grew from there. My daughter started baby signing classes when she was just 12 weeks old, and by 6 months she was using 6 or 7 signs consistently.

I strongly believe that giving your baby a tool to communicate not only helps to remove their frustrations, it also helps to increase the bond between you and your baby. Signing engages and stimulates their brains, laying foundations for language development. My husband and I were amazed at how quickly our daughter learned that she could use her hands to communicate her needs – and as her sign vocabulary grew she very quickly was able to put words to those signs and began talking. Not only that, she loved the classes!

Having used sign language in my career before having children, I knew that I could combine these skills with my experiences as a mum and teach baby signing classes alongside Suzanne. I have worked with Suzanne for almost three years, it is an honour and privilege to work with many families and their precious little ones, being part of their developmental journey at such a special time.

Since working with Hushabye Hands I have gone on to train in BSL levels 1, 2 and 3.